The known races of Peresh (and their sub-types) are listed here. Click on each one for more info. If a race shares a name or closely resembles one from the D&D core manuals, assume those similarities unless directed otherwise. These pages will not be comprehensive, but should provide insight in to how the races differ from the “usual” fantasy RPG.

The primary groupings are listed alphabetically. The races are listed within those groupings in order of their prominence (population and cultural influence) in the world.

Hill Dwarves
Mountain Dwarves

High Elves
Wood Elves
Half Elves

Half Elves


Half Orcs

What is a “race” in this world?
The determination is made by noticeable differences in ancestry, history/culture, physical stature/appearance, language, etc. It should be noted here that these races may not coincide with nations and boundary lines.

Why aren’t some of the intelligent monster species listed?
This is a list of the most influential races in Peresh. The question to ask is: “Has a race been able to sustain a civilization in Peresh?” This is a judgment call. For example, the line was pretty clear between Orcs (who have dominated entire Ages in history) and Goblinoids or Gnolls (who have made their mark but never sustained a civilization).

Why are the Half Elves listed twice? (or) Why are they listed at all?
The Half Elves are a special case. They are the direct product of human-elf unions, and/or the product of “pure” half elf unions, and/or the product of entire half elf ancestries (or some mix of the above)! For the purposes of this campaign, Half Elves are considered a unique race, no matter how they received their ancestral traits. They possess a prominent place in this world, and have even formed a civilization, Anugan, around their unique heritage.

What about the Little Folk? They don’t have nations of their own!
The Gnomes and Halflings have their own brand of civilization, that does not require ruling a nation, or even owning land, for that matter. They have been constants in the daily lives of most peoples in Peresh’s history (if not in the political square, at least in the personal and financial). This qualifies them as major races in this world.

Half Orcs? Really?
The Half Orcs have no civilization of their own, but are unique in this world for actually being Orcish and sometimes living among non-Orcs. They are the youngest of all the major races, and barely made the cut to be on this list. History may prove they are worthy of it – or they could pass away in to the margins of lore. Only time will tell. For now, they remain a major race, if only because they are interesting.


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