The main continent and setting for the content of Glory or Death.

Contains seven major nations, with many more cultures and minor nations. Home to seven man-made (humanoid made) wonders. Essential info for these nations and wonders is listed below.


Anugan: Unique joint-monarchy of High Elves and Men. Ruler is currently a Half-Elf Prince with Human Queen mother and Elf King father. Rival of Bal-peresh and Traore. Strong but have few allies (calls upon southern Wood Elves & dwelvenbelt dwarves when distressed).

Bal-peresh: Humans. Name means “middle of the land”. Former Orc land, conquered by Traore men and Mountain Dwarves. Colonies peacefully seceded from ally Traore. Now territorial & feudal. Tensions flare up between lords, w/ rivals Anugan, or w/ Orc stronghold @ Battle Bay. Capital is wherever lords gather, often at Cal-carain.

Domil: Hill Dwarves. Under-hill city-state. Assembly rules hilly region to the east of the Hammerbelt. Typically neutral in feuds between human/elf/dwarf lands, therefore a major player in world politics, often seen as representatives of all dwarves (at least by non-dwarf folk). Most stable/trustworthy kingdom among surface dwellers. Helped build HAMMER ROAD to connect Mountain Dwarf cities to Nation’s Pass, helped build Anu-Domil road.

Iri-Un: Gray Elves. Mysterious, magical island off north-west coast. Avoid trade, despite proximity to humans and gnomes. Mystical beasts said to inhabit the island. No known ruler.

Kamlekh: Humans. City-state Theocracy controls peninsula. Temples at Sola & Luna and Holy Council in capital. Pilgrims travel the Sky Road, which is also a Great Wall against invasion from old foes (Goblinoids, later Pelteshi).

Peltesh: Humans. “River folk”, Agricultural & military. Monarchy w/ powerful generals. Subdued land from chaotic goblinoid races w/ help from dwarves. Fort Alliance is capital, trade center, military academy.

Traore: Humans. High culture. Accepting of halflings & gnomes. Only nation openly accepting of arcane magic – with restrictions, of course. Monarchy w/ representatives to the Royal City from each major city/region.


Battle Bay: Orc capital city. Ruled by its strongest war-chief, now cut off from majority orc population in the mountains. Orcs ran in to the mountains after being driven from Bal-peresh by men & dwarves at Nation’s Pass.

Southern Forest: Wood Elves. Situational ally of Anugan. Loose bands are mobile, stay in a settlement for one generation or less. Expert rangers, explore and learn many secrets of the Great Wood.

TEMPLE OF THE SKY: A great wall connecting two ornate temples at Sola and Luna. The entrance to the Kamlekh peninsula.
HAMMER ROAD: Tunnel road system built by dwarves to connect east & west, connects major dwarf cities.
LOST CITY: Relic of the Orc Age, formerly inhabited by many thousands, maybe millions of Orcs. Ruined and lost underground somewhere in Bal-peresh.
UNIVERSITAE ROYALE: Arcane library in Traore City where mages and wizards from around the world study. The only place of arcane learning endorsed by any kingdom of Peresh.
THE GREAT ROAD: Highway system connecting Anu, Domil, & Peltesh through South Pass.
TOWER OF ANU: Ornate architecture combines the best of men & elves. Center of and symbol of egalitarianism.
FACE OF MORADIN: Legendary mountain sculpture, revered and protected by Hammerfolk. Said to be built over Forge of Creation in the Hammerbelt.


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