Nation's Pass

Most major trade intersection in Peresh. Very diverse groups gather here. One of two highways through the Hammerbelt, the other is at South Pass on THE GREAT ROAD.

Connects allies southern reaches of Bal-peresh and middle of Traore. These allies have occasionally tried to exploit control over the pass, but the Hammerbelt dwarves keep a close eye on them, and alert the other kingdoms (through gnomes or Domil dwarves, of course) of any unfair practices.

Treaties have been proposed from major kingdoms within the last hundred years to give control of the pass to an independent governing body with representatives from each major kingdom, but the deal has never come to fruition. Some snags include: larger or richer kingdoms wanting more representatives, some nations unwilling to allow even a portion of control to their rivals, other nations insisting that if the body is formed that even the Battle Bay orcs should have a seat at the table, among other concerns. Talks have stalled indefinitely (or ceased entirely, depending on who you ask). All the talks have produced is a name: Nation’s Pass, intended to show global cooperation, but used as a joke by many to show the futility of the cooperative effort.

The control of the pass remains in limbo, with Traore, Bal-peresh, the merchant class of gnomes and halflings, and the watchful Hammerfolk as the de facto governing forces. This causes jurisdiction confusion whenever an offense is committed against someone. One could describe the law-keeping as varying from self-sustained order to outright Wild West vigilante-ism, depending on the day of the week, the weather, and the current mix of folks at the pass.

Nation's Pass

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