Mountain Dwarves

Isolationist folk, keep themselves distant from the other civilizations of Peresh. Seen as a “backwards” race compared to their relatives, the Hill Dwarves. NOTE: Both “Hammerfolk” and “Dwelvenbelt Dwarves” link to this page. See bottom of page to see differences between these two sub-groups.

Locations: Hammerbelt, Dwelvenbelt. Rarely seen by outsiders, except at Nation’s Pass (where they sometimes emerge for trade).

Racial Allies: Hill Dwarves. Close relatives, these races see it as an obligation to protect and trade with each other. Hill Dwarves often serve as their cousins’ only contact with the outside world. Friendly rivalries sometimes spring up over building and mining projects

Racial Enemies: Orcs. Old racial hatred runs deep in the mountains. It is fueled by almost constant tension and conflict over mining veins and underground lakes/waterways, especially in the Hammerbelt.

History: Shared with Hill Dwarves. Who is the purer dwarven race? Depends on who you ask. Dwarves’ history splits at the First Human Age.

Mountain Dwarf Sub-groups
HAMMERFOLK: Larger group of Mountain Dwarves. Reside in the Hammerbelt. Main allies are Hill Dwarves. Have little contact with anyone else. Can be seen outside the mountains typically only when they visit the hills of Domil.

DWELVENBELT DWARVES: Smaller group. Reside in the Dwelvenbelt. Still reclusive, but more likely to interact with non-dwarves. Allies include Hill Dwarves, the High Elves that reside in the ’belt, and some accepted members of Anugan society. Some of the only mountain dwarves to be seen visiting a major (non-dwarf) city – they show up for certain festivals and events in Anu.

See D&D core manuals for more info.

Mountain Dwarves

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