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HEROES OF PERESH WIKI This wiki hosts all of the background information for this campaign. Links to major pages will be listed here for easy access. The first page has a lot of basic info about the world of Glory or Death. Start there!

Peresh – Start here. Main hub for place info on the continent. A crap ton of links to major places and races. A little bit of lore used to describe some of the places, so check it out already!

Lore – The main hub for all myth and lore. Will start small, but grow as we play on and discover more about the land, its peoples, and their stories and beliefs.

Races – Vital info on the races in the game. Basic races are listed here with info about their specific place in this world. Major races are the same as core manual unless noted otherwise. There are some fun deviations from the norm in this world… so don't get too comfortable with the old mores of fantasy RPG.

Power Cards – Player character's power cards will be entered here. Get to know the party's abilities. Useful for quick reference when playing, especially when playing someone else's PC due to absence.

Main Page

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