First Dwarf Age: Oldest known historical period, named such because dwarves were unchallenged as the major race on the continent. Dwarves carry out non-stop war with Wood Elves, resulting in the “Bloodrain” nickname for the region east of Hammerbelt and south of Dwelvenbelt. Wonders: FACE OF MORADIN

First Orc Age: Dwarves never fell to subjugated status, but did relinquish some of their dominance to the Orcs. Orcs spread primarily though natural reproduction and settling, causing many smaller conflicts between tribes of Orcs and Dwarves. War broke out because (depending on who you ask) either the strongest Orc chief (or was it the strongest Dwarf king?) chose to become more aggressive in inter-racial matters. This spurred the Shift War. Wonders: LOST CITY

Second Dwarf Age: Result of the Shift War, when dwarves drove most of the orcs in to small pockets in the mountains. Most significant land acquisition by dwarves was Bal-peresh. The Dwarves re-established dominance on continent. Wonders: HAMMER ROAD

First Human Age/Second Orc Age: Arrival of humans on the scene (arrival stories vary) changed everything. Dwarves were beginning to become more reclusive, retreated to the mountains and hills. Humans took the opportunity to settle formerly dwarven and orc lands (such as Peltesh and Anugan) and formerly unsettled lands (such as Kamlekh and Traore). Orcs also took advantage of dwarven withdrawal, and re-settled the mostly uninhabited plains of Bal-peresh. Strongholds at Battle Bay and Domil were built by Orcs and Hill Dwarves, respectively, during this time. First time real difference is distinguished between the Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves. Orc re-settling causes old rivalries to flare up, with a new player, the Humans of Traore. Most men side with dwarves, spurring the Midland War. During the distraction of the war, High Elves begin their rise from the southeast and greatly influence developing Anugan nation. Wonders: TEMPLE OF THE SKY, UNIVERSITAE ROYALE

Third Dwarf Age/Second Human Age: Current age. Result of the Midland War. Dwarves re-establish dominance through rise of Domil city-state and control of trade at Nations Pass and THE GREAT ROAD. Humans also gain ground (at expense of Orcs) because of conquering Bal-peresh, which exists for a time as a vassal, then peacefully secedes from Traore. Orcs retreat again to mountains, and fortify Battle Bay, attempting to build a city-state to rival Domil. High Elves and Humans forge strange friendship in Anugan, constructing a great tower and establishing the wondrous city of Anu. Rise of man/elf nation strains relationship between Bal-peresh and their distant relatives in older towns of Anugan. Wonders: THE GREAT ROAD, TOWER OF ANU


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