Hill Dwarves

A hardy folk, generally well respected in the world of Peresh. Seen as a “refined” race compared to their relatives, the Mountain Dwarves.

Locations: Domil, Traore hilly region, Peltesh hilly region. Can be found in most major cities.

Racial Allies: Mountain Dwarves. Close relatives, these races see it as an obligation to protect and trade with each other. Hill Dwarves often serve as their cousins’ only contact with the outside world. Friendly rivalries sometimes spring up over building and mining projects

Racial Enemies: None, but because of close ties with Mountain Dwarves, generally don’t get along with Orcs.

History: Shared with Mountain Dwarves. Who is the purer dwarven race? Depends on who you ask. Dwarves’ history splits at the First Human Age.

See D&D core manuals for more info.

Hill Dwarves

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