Arena Master

Heavy armor, ruddy skin, scars, tattoos, and an angry scowl make this dwarf look more at home in the Arena than the aristocracy. Which is exactly the way he seems to like it.


Backstory: Very strong Domil dwarf from an aristocrat family. An avid supporter of the Glory or Death sentencing policy, which requires the convicted achieve either glory or death in order to have served their sentence. A powerful dwarf in the Domil aristocracy.

Love Interests: The Arena, more so than his wife or [alleged] mistresses.

1.“Glory or Death” – more of a life purpose than a single goal. He supports the rentention and expansion of the oft-criticized policy. Some say he has sentenced himself to it, in order to defend it.
2. Recovery and punishment of servant Ellywyn Pocklewocket and her companion, escaped gladiator Coahtar.

Hated Enemies:

Arena Master

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