Heroes of Peresh

The Story Thus Far... Part Three

The battle continued as the heroes fought their betrayers. Raĭnamel and Melodie continued to wreak havoc on their enemies. Breaking through the archers' defense, Raĭnamel brought down an earth-shattering blow on the back of Apollo's head, breaking his skull. But before anyone could react, Apollo used some manner of magic, effectively sucking the life energy out from Ellywyn, killing her instantly, and leaving her skin and hair a pale visage of what they used to be. The heroes fought on, bringing a devastating attack onto Apollo, but he again used his dark magic to suck the energy from Durik. Durik only barely survived the horror, his face filled with anger and resentment for Apollo.

The mysterious enemy then disappeared from the battle as Bolo commented on the wicked nature of his magic. With all of the enemies dispatched, Raĭnamel suddenly fell unconscious under a burning sensation on the back of her neck. When Melodie ran to her side, she discovered that Raĭnamel had been branded with the same tattoo that the other four (Coàhtar, Bolo, Ellywyn, and Durik) had. It appeared that, with the death of Ellywyn, the tattoo transfered to Raĭnamel. Coàhtar hurried to Durik, seeing that the dwarf was near death. He questioned him on what Apollo was doing, and why he and Ellywyn had been serving him. Durik was only able to mutter this before dying: "Don't let him get it."

And just as Durik died, Melodie too fell unconscious, branded with the same tattoo as the others. D'santos, needless to say, was disgusted that he, having joined the group long before Raĭnamel and Melodie, had not been chosen for either tattoo replacement. ("Ooooh, you gotta be kidding me!") Seeking to distance themselves from the battle, the group carried Raĭnamel and Melodie to an inn (as D'santos attempted to flirt up the unconscious Melodie about her tattoo).

Awaking fully rested, the group returned to the tower, where they split into two groups. The ladies (Melodie, Raĭnamel and Ananua) took to one staircase, while the men (Coàhtar, D'santos and Bolo) took another. The men entered the academy, but despite their attempts to reach the next floor, were blocked by a guard on duty. As they began to leave to reorganize, the classes dismissed. Just then, the Master Erik Brandis stormed into the academy, shouting for Orsella, one of the professors. They argued in front of a growing crowd of students, and the warrior threw down a shield, with three dots forming a triangle painted upon it; the very same symbol tattooed on the heroes' necks.


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