Heroes of Peresh

The Story Thus Far...

Coàhtar, Durik Domil, and Ellywyn Pocklewocket were adventuring companions because of their joint escape from the Dwarven city-state of Domil. The group ventured out from Domil to try to clear Ellywyn’s family name. Once there, they were almost killed by a group of monsters that had overrun the Pocklewocket estate. The evidence left there was that Elly’s family were, in fact, disgraced and fallen crime lords. While in the estate, Bolo Humdeep entered and healed the companions and asked their adventuring purpose. He found their goals (to redeem themselves, clear their names, and achieve glory… or die trying) to be noble. The cleric then took them to the safety of his home, The Houses of the Holy, a cloister of good clerics near Domil.

The adventurers were awoken violently in their sleep by a mysterious spell – a painful tattooing of their necks with a three-dots-in-a-triangle pattern that shifted and moved upon close examination. Durik tried to walk away from the group, but found that the tattoo had a kind of “shock collar” effect that seared him with unbearable pain and immobilized him. It appeared the group was stuck together.

Bolo suggested traveling to either Anugan to see a wizard about the marks or to Nation’s Pass to speak with halfling bards and merchants who have may have more info. The group chose Anu.

On the road to Anu, the group dove in to the forest to avoid a dwarven search party. Once in the forest the group was attacked by goblin brigands and then captured by a scout party of elves.

When Bolo and Coahtar awoke, they were in the elf camp. Durik and Elly were nowhere to be found. Aeharel, the elf clan leader, told Coahtar that Durik and Elly “attempted escape. They did not succeed.” Aeharel inquired about the group’s intentions in “her forest”. They told the truth: They were escaping the dwarven aristocrats who were pursuing them on the road.

Aeharel asked the group to prove their trustworthiness by carrying out a task for her. The kobolds (small lizard-man creatures who are usually cowardly scavengers) have become aggressive and are stealing and hoarding resources in a lair. Bolo and Coahtar were tasked with taking care of them and finding the reason for the disturbance.

Two elf men, D’santos and Erdan, are “given” to the man and dwarf to help in the mission. The guys got the distinct impression that Aeharel was offloading two annoying mooches from her camp. But they did seem to have fighting skills.

The party clears the dungeon. The kobolds seem to worshipping the evil dragon god Tiamat (Bolo’s god’s archenemy). They may also be feeding a dragon deeper in the dungeon!

The group fights a “baby” white dragon, which has an icy breath attack and vicious bite. The dragon severely injures most of the guys in the group, but they survive and defeat the “dragon”.

As the dragon is defeated, it disintegrates into white sand on the floor. The sand then rises back up, piling up on itself and forming in to the shape of an orc. The sand-orc calls the group the “seekers of that which was lost” and entrusts them with a quest (which defeating him was proof of their worthiness for). He also seems to know about their marks and their connection to this quest.

-Seek the LOST CITY
-There are three keys, all of them magical artifacts
-The keys must be present and wielded by those who are marked in order to unlock.
-Great power was used to seal off the Lost City, but it does exist.

Erdan leaves the group after clearing the dungeon.


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