Heroes of Peresh

Session 2

As another kobold minion dies, it seems you have gained the upper hand in the battle. Then, you hear a commotion behind the double doors. Suddenly, two large reptilian beasts burst through, knocking the doors right off the hinges. The beasts let out a ferocious roar. They do not look friendly. “Dargon! Look, dargon! I told you, DARGON!!!” screams D’santos

The party examines the first room for treasure or clues, but find none, other than the seemingly out-of-place religious scrawlings. The adventurers take a short rest, then advance in to the next room in the dungeon. They are met with what seems to be a minimal fighting force. They soon find that the room is rigged. Three kobold skirmishers have positioned themselves across the room from the entrance, and have rigged armor traps to fire darts at anyone who enters. They successfully draw the party in to the trap. The fight is eventually won by the good guys, however they still have trouble with the traps as they try to move on. They must rest again before moving on. After the fight, Erdan finds an altar to Tiamat with 60 gold upon it, some sort of offering. The group decides to split the gold. D’santos strangely seems to offer Coahtar his share as long as the human doesn’t die. Meanwhile, in a fit of righteous anger, Bolo destroys the altar to his god’s nemesis. The group heals and decides to continue to take on the mysteries of the dungeon.

In the next room, there is some sort of game being played by the kobolds. In what seems to be a former tomb, the kobolds have set up a game where they hurl a sticky stone (which is tied to a rope in the ceiling) at animal skulls which are positioned on the various sarcophogi in the room. When the party enters, the kobolds cleverly use the skull stone against them. At one point, D’santos decides his weapons aren’t as powerful as his instincts and use of objects around him. He first tries to use his rope to grab the skull stone rope but fails. The party were attacked first by minions and slingers, but then the fight changes altogether. Halfway in to the fight, two drakes break through two large doors that the party were headed for. The drakes lunge at the adventurers, favoring a powerful bite attack. One drake feels most threatened by Coahtar and attacks him. The other drake notices the emblem of Bahamut on Bolo’s shield, and chases after him in a fury. The drakes almost succeed at killing Coahtar, but the clerics healing powers provide a boost at a needed time. D’santos sees his companion’s plight and rushes in to save his friend. He uses his rope to wrestle with the drake. He successfully grabs the beast and proceeds to drop his bow and attack the drake with his fists. He holds the drake in place with the rope in one hand, then punches him with his other hand, which is equipped with a spiked gauntlet. Meanwhile, Bolo fights the drake that charged him and Erdan attacks the slingers.

In a crowning moment of awesome, D’santos wrangles with the drake and punches it repeatedly with a primal accuracy. As he hits the beast the spikes on his glove do their work and the beast’s face begins to deteriorate. With one final smack, the seeker demolishes the head of the drake, leaving a limp neck and a lifeless corpse.

Erdan cleans up some of the lesser enemies, before becoming critically injured. Bolo is trapped against a wall by the last remaining drake, so he begins to swing his axe in defiance. The waraxe connects, and splits the drakes skull in twain. Coahtar musters his strength, and finishes off the last kobold with his sword. The fight was over, and the group could rest.

D’santos leaps over the pond of sludge in the center of the room and grabs on the rope the sticky skull stone was hanging from. He gracefully shimmies up the rope and unties it from the ceiling. He crashes in to the pool of sludge, landing in pain but with a laugh. He surfaces, grinning and saying, “now have TWO ropes!”


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