Heroes of Peresh

Session 1

This post marks the first official session of Glory or Death in 4E, and the first ever group session DMed by Mark Brandon Blaede. We started by finalizing our character sheets and entering them on Obsidian Portal. Players introduced their characters. A few questions about the campaign setting were posed and answered. Session notes like this one will be placed at the beginning of each adventure log post in italics. A quote from gameplay may also serve as a header for the post, indicated by bold italics.

I do not trust you. But you may be of some use to us. Prove your worth. Prove you are a friend, not a threat, to the Sylvan. -Aeharel

Coahtar and Bolo awoke on the ground in a grassy clearing, surrounded by sylvan elves, the hunters and guardians of the South Forest. They were greeted by Aeharel, shaman and matriarch of the hunting party. She inquired about their intentions, and the party were honest. They intended to escape from the dwarves on the road, and meant no harm or offense to the elves. Aeharel did not believe them.

Coahtar asked about the whereabouts of his other companions, the younger dwarf and beautiful gnome they had been captured with. “They have been… taken care of,” Aeharel responded, “The disgusting dwarf and the little woman awoke while we were transporting you. They attempted escape. They did not succeed.” Coahtar and Bolo noticed that although the group had been separated, there was no searing pain in their necks from the tattoos. Perhaps Elly and Durik had experienced it, since they were the ones who had tried to escape.

Aeharel proposed a test of the party’s goodwill. She called forward two male elves, apparently the only males in the hunting party. The first is adorned in strange garb for a sylvan. His leather armor is etched and painted with the colors of the sun, and symbols of Pelor, god of the sun. He is an invoker, a pseudo-paladin who uses his ranged attacks and holy abilities to control the battlefield. Next to him is an elf in more typical sylvan garb, but with a strange disposition and a glazed over look in his eyes. He carries a load of many separate quivers, which is not typical of the normally efficient sylvan elves. Bolo notices seemingly random objects like cobwebs and red ribbons protruding from the quivers, along with otherwise plain looking arrows. This is no ordinary hunter. He is a seeker, a spirit-guided and empowered ranger. Some elves have a seeker as a leader of their hunting party, but this one does not seem to fit the bill. He is noticeably shifty and paranoid, quite unintelligible at time. He speaks fluent elven, and broken Common.

The Invoker introduced himself as Erdan, servant if Pelor. At the mention of Pelor, both Coahtar and Aeharel roll their eyes and sigh in disgust.

The seeker is named D’santos. He just knows there is a deeper meaning to this chance meeting. He fumbled almost constantly with the three bone dice in one of his many pouches.

Aeharel sends the group off in to the woods, trusting Erdan with the directions to a place where kobolds have been acting strangely. The kobolds have been very organized and much braver and more clever than usual. They are presenting many problems for the elves, most noticeably to the food supply. D’santos (and his spirit guides) agree on the direction to the threat, but claim the root cause “is a, how do you say, a dargon. I just know it. There’s a dargon in there. They are feeding it.”

The group enters a cave, which looks to be some kind of old ruin or abandoned structure of some kind. The entrance is filthy and the group notices marks in the ground where dead animals and random objects have apparently been dragged in to the building. When the group enters, they are attacked by a group of tactical sound kobolds, who use ranged weapons, sticky glue shots and skirmisher tactics to avoid pain and inflict damage. The kobolds seem to have good aim and knowledge of how to attack against armor. However, the kobolds are no match for the party, who dispatch them without much problem.

As the group begins to search the room, they notice strange markings in the wall. Bolo recognizes them as some type of religious symbols. Oddly, it seems the kobolds have found religion.


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