HEROES OF PERESH (formerly “Glory or Death”)
This is a homebrew campaign based on the continent of Peresh. This world is heavy with Mountain Dwarves and Hill Dwarves and dwarven Lore. The political and cultural map are heavily influenced by the dwarven wars of old, and their tribal choices of settlement and outside contact (or lack thereof). Most cultures have allegiances with at least one other major culture, which has kept the continent from breaking out in to all-out war for over one hundred years. More background info can be found by further wiki-walking around.

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Magic in this Campaign
An important note about magic: It exists in this world- it is prevalent, even, as you would expect in a fantasy world. But the form of the magic (a.k.a. the source) is very important. The most commonly used/seen force of magic is Divine power. The peoples generally all believe in (to some degree) the pantheon of gods. The second most common form of magic is Primal power. Peoples commune with the earth and air and draw power from it. Arcane power does exist, but is seen as unacceptable in most cultures. This is probably due to its misuse in the distant past, but opinions vary. As far as anyone can tell, Psionic power does not exist in this realm. The idea of mind control or mind powers would be preposterous to people in this world, who generally agree that all supernatural power comes from the gods (either directly as Divine power or indirectly as Primal or Arcane), not from oneself.

With this in mind, there are some class restrictions in place. Player characters generally can play ONLY with Divine, Martial, or Primal power sources. There are some race restrictions as well, based on the world we play in. As far as the players know Githzerai, Minotaur, Shardmind, Wilden, Deva, Goliath, and Shifters are either rare monsters or do not exist (and therefore cannot be played as PCs).

Heroes of Peresh

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